Friday, April 26, 2024

Dropped Like A Hot Potato - Harvest Host

I received this note from Harvest Host on Monday.

Dear Chris​,

Your Harvest Hosts listing and complimentary membership have been deactivated as we are no longer operating the Harvest Hosts Hosting Program in Mexico. We appreciate your hospitality to our Members and wish you only the best- Thank you!


Unique RV Camping

I replied to the email and I am waiting for a response.  We really enjoy hosting and have met many wonderful and interesting rvers over the years.  I am posting on FB groups letting them know we will continue to offer a spot although it is limited to size; Class B and TTs under 21ft.

On another note, we will fly to Puebla next week for a six-day adventure.  We hope to visit the famous Hacienda Chautla, a castle built on a lake, and also a day trip or two, one trip including Cholula.  

Dementia takes its toll and affects many of us.  My oldest sibling lost her husband yesterday after a long battle with the disease.  Interestingly enough, he in some way let people know he was ready.  He refused to eat yesterday and wouldn't take his medications.  Hours later he passed away.  A sad situation and one I wouldn't wish on my enemies. It consumes a lot of energy and money.  At $7000 a month it quickly drains a bank account and many lose their patrimony.  


  1. Sorry to hear of your loss. Interesting how he just knew it was time to go. I'm sure you have a very supportive family for your sister.

    Is Cholula where they make the hot sauce with the small wooden cap? Maybe I'm dreaming...

    1. Hi Nancy! Headquarters are in Connecticut but production is in Chapala, Jalisco.

  2. I've recently been seeing advertisements for a program similar to Harvest Hosts called Not sure if they're in MX though.