Wednesday, May 22, 2024

The Time Has Drawn Near - Not To Mention The Heat

We started off on Sunday with the March for Democracy also called the Pink Tide (Marea Rosa).  Thousands showed up in major cities (110) around Mexico and the world to take down the dictatorial government we are now facing.  

Monterrey in front of the governor's palace.

In Mexico City, it is estimated that 500,000 people showed up for the event.  Teachers from the CNTE union had taken over the zocalo for a strike but were willing to move for the event.  The president ordered the enormous Mexican flag that flies in the center to be taken down.  The protests were so great the military showed up and raised the flag again.

The elections are on June 2nd and the dirt is coming out from under the rug.  Things are tense and I won't be surprised if the vote is contested by either side.  

185,000 murders in this presidential term, 50,000 people missing and never found, cartels are now charging churches up to $1200 US per month to keep their doors open not to mention all the small businesses that are paying.  Oh, they distributed Ivermectin during the pandemic and sent people home.  600,000 died.  Many were sent home with this medication that is meant for lice and scabies.  We will never be able to prove what killed them as they died at home without an autopsy.  Criminal.  We still don't have medicines especially cancer drugs for children.  The hospitals are empty.  The money was used for his pharaonic projects one that destroyed 1500 km of the Yucatan jungle including the underground cenotes.  If you've had the chance to swim in one consider yourself lucky.  Future generations may not as they are filled with 8000 pillars and cement.

We're in a severe heat wave that won't let up.  This is week three and as you can see it will continue.  We would normally go to San Miguel de Allende but it's just as bad.  Summer is still a month away.  SMA hasn't see these temperatures for a prolonged period since I don't know when.  Most people don't have A/C and the gringo population is older.  People are suffering.    

We are thinking of going to Ensenada for a week to get out of this mess.  They should finish the interior painting on Friday.  I've found several Airbnb on the beach where the weather is much nicer.  


  1. Oh my gosh Chris, what a mess of problems. Hear's hoping things improve for Mexico with the coming election. Take care. Hugs to you both.

  2. Head to the beach!!!! Stay safe and hydrated.....Marilyn