Monday, July 8, 2024

Hurricane Beryl Update - Trip Planning and Reservations

Hurricane Update

Clouds are building up over the mountains and we are expecting high winds and rainfall tonight or early tomorrow morning.  Sandbags are ready and the generator full.  I've charged all of our LED lights, phones are hooked up and so are the laptops.  Using sandbags is a first for us.  We've never had it as bad as Alberto.  I'm sure this will be less water.   They say this is the new norm and this season will not get any better in terms of hurricanes.

The cool weather will be here in a couple of months and we are beginning our trip planning.  The first trip is to visit family in the U.S.  We'll be taking the VW and staying at Airbnb and hotels.  Airbnb has become a cash cow for many.  I know they will say that they have had issues with guests and in turn, have to raise their fees. 

Here is an example of what I'm running into.  Here is a typical Airbnb in the Dallas area (we will be visiting friends).  This is a mini-casita so it has a bedroom, bath, and a kitchenette.  We're to staying for long periods but on the road to Kansas City, we will make a couple of one-night stops.  We like to make our own meals and that's why we have preferred and used Airbnb.  $48 US in taxes and cleaning fees. 

Not far from there is this hotel.  It's not five-star but is a new hotel, with a king-size bed, microwave, refrigerator, and all that jazz.  In addition, it includes a complete breakfast, coffee 24 hours a (we always take our own coffeemaker), gym, and pool.  The total price is $55.   

So far, we are going to San Antonio to pick up some paintings that were willed to us from friends who have passed away.  We'll visit his cousin and have dinner.  Then off to Dallas, Fayetteville, AR, and then Kansas City.  We'll stay in K.C. for four nights.  Another Airbnb cluster ---k.  

$100 cleaning fee (not daily cleaning) and $56 in taxes.
The hotel I picked is within walking distance to the Country Club Plaza and convenient to most of my family.  Again, king-size bed, micro, refrigerator, etc. full breakfast, and manager's happy hour.  It is within walking distance of the Nelson Art Gallery and the Plaza.  $237 with a senior discount.

Airbnb is slowly losing us as customers.  The apartment we had last year in K.C. is now a permanent rental.  Too bad, we liked that place very much.

After Kansas City, we may go to Chicago first and then Cincinnati.  After, we will head our way back down.

I'm still looking for something this month.  Iberia keeps promoting cheap flights to Italy, Ireland, and England but I'm not having any luck with them or any other airline.  

November we will head to Route 66 to celebrate our 66th birthdays!

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  1. Love that, Route 66 for your 66th birthdays! What a great memories you will make!!!