Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back To Monterrey

We got up early this morning and headed home. It was a great week in San Miguel de Allende. I want to move there and we may just start looking. We took advantage of the time there and checked out many new neighborhoods, colonial homes as well as condos for sale. Much slower pace, no violence and lots of activities.

The drive was uneventful. The highway was packed with traffic in both directions. I have been reading about a decrease in border crossings and I found a wonderful site that appears to be unbiased. I will be posting a chart of border crossings tomorrow and to some there may be a surprise. To those naysayers it will be a big blow, for those that enjoy traveling in Mexico there will be encouraging news. Not all border crossings are alike.

We stopped just north of Matehuala for lunch. It was a small Pemex with a convenience store and restaurant. The woman running the kitchen had little concept of managing a kitchen as each dish would come out on its own good time. Even though it was afternoon, we had only eaten our delicious multi-grano bread and yogurt. We ordered eggs with beans and rice and some mouth-watering flour tortillas.

The VW got 29 miles per gallon driving 80 mph. Imagine if I had slowed to 55 mph I would have gotten 33 mpg or more. What a deal. The air conditioning works extremely well and all the VWs I have owned have had great air. It's that damn technology. I have the hardest time with the stereo; programming, tuning, MP3, USB, and so on.

The scenery was spectacular as you can see in the photos below. We only saw one check point and that was heading in the southbound lanes between Matehuala and Saltillo. We even saw a few rvs heading south. Good for them. I am now ready to return to rving and we have a purchase plan. It may materialize before we know it.

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