Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Got Bit

Sometimes your instinct is working on one side and you just seem to resist it. On our way back from SMA we stopped at a gas station that had a small convenience store and a restaurant. We had been driving all morning and it was afternoon. All I had eaten was that wonderful multi-grain bread and a yogurt.

We walked into the store and it was cool and fresh. In the next room was the restaurant. As we crossed the threshold the heat from the galvanized red tile roof was unbearable. One person was there waiting for their order.

I asked if we could turn the fans on and they sent someone to do it. The kitchen was open and I could see the cook/waitress was not very organized. We had some eggs and beans and it tasted pretty good but the heat was very uncomfortable.

Come Friday afternoon I had severe stomach pains, swelling and a headache. I knew I had been bitten by something and it was in my stomach. I am now taking Imodium but it doesn't seem to be working very fast. I also have one more resort before seeing a doctor.

I feel much better but the bathroom visits persists albeit much less than yesterday or early this morning before starting the Imodium.

It has been 15 years that I have had a stomach issue. I hate it. I still have a great appetite and the body pains and headache have left.

I'm gonna get that bug.

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  1. You have been there too long for La turista so it is probably simple food poisoning. Not much to do except let it run it's course and make sure you keep hydrated. Water is the best.