Saturday, August 7, 2010

Got The Electric Bill For June/July

Just got the electric bill in my email this morning. I saw the meter reader yesterday. Man thats fast.

Of the 800 kwh allotment, we used only 631. The bill ran from June 7th to August 7th. We could have used the air conditioner more than we did until we reached our limit of 799 kwh. The total bill for two months with tax was 999.00 pesos (79 dollars). So that works out to about 40 dollars a month.

For me its a big deal. If we stay below 799 the maximum bill would be 1428 pesos. If we hit just 1 kwh more than that or 800 the price would change to 3016 pesos. We can afford it but why pay more than double for a difference of just 1 kwh. The DAC (rate) stands for Domestica de Alto Comsumo or high consumption residential.

We still have the month of August but I think we can beat it again. I have learned how to be a good meter reader and track our average daily consumption which this bill was 10.69 kwh. Worst case is I am doing something good for the environment apart from being cheap, which I am known for.


  1. Tengo celos de tu cuenta! I have now learned to read my meter every day, but I try to stay under 30kwh, there is no hope for me getting out of DAC. I did learn from reading the meter every day that when we need to use the well pump, to fill a pond or the pool, the meter jumps. For us, it is not AC but pumps, for ponds, pool, cisterna, pressure, all these pumps that run up the bill.

  2. Well, I quit running the pool filter. I maintain the cloro and with 1.5 hours of pump three times a week, the pool stays crystal clear.

    We still have the well pump for all our water needs but when they changed out the pipes, all 60 mts, I had them replace the pump with a newer efficient model.

    We have no lights on in the house unless they are being used. LEDs in all the spots and LEDs in the living room lamps. All other bulbs are CFLs.

    Our limit is 13 kwh per day.

  3. Jonna, one more thing. Have you considered solar? You have a wonderful roof for that. You could generate lots of power. Separate the loads into two, one for lights and minor loads and the house current for heavier loads. An investment up front but the long term is great. It also travels, so if you should move for some reason you can take it with you.