Monday, August 2, 2010

Moving to the Plaza El Jardiin

Got up early this moring and had a great cup of coffee. It was nice sleeping with the windows open. No hot air here at night. Last night it was 12C, that would never happen in Monterrey. Took off for gym and had a workout with people we have met there on previous occasions. They didn't expect us until December.

Back at the hotel we had a light continental breakfast and got our things ready to move to the main plaza. We went to the Canadian Bakery and picked up a loaf of multi grano bread. Couldn't help it but we started picking on it in the car. Delicious! We are going to the movies later and when we get home I am having a slice with my cocktail.

We moved into our new hotel Del Portal that is situated on the main plaza. They are very friendly people and gave us a nice room. It is very quiet and has skylights as there are no interior windows. Some rooms have windows that look into the central patio but they were all taken.
A view overlooking the main plaza

The cathedral in Plaza El Jardin

It was time for lunch and we found a great place to have enchiladas and a cold beer. I don't normally have a drink at lunch because it makes me sleepy but this set me up for a nice nap. We sat in a window and had a view of all the tourists passing by. It made for great conversation. The desserts for calling me but I held out for a small ice cream in the plaza on the way home.

Enjoying lunch and a cold beer.

Ah, time for a nap. Slept like an angel and now it is time to get ready for the movies. We're seeing night and day. BTW, the last time I went to the movies was in December 2009 here in SMA.

Selling flowers in front of our hotel.

Wonderful music as we came back from lunch.

I'm a stubborn ole mule and still convinced that rving is the only way to go. Plus it's lighter on the wallet.


  1. Ah, that multi grano! I can almost taste it. Norma crammed two loaves of it into the freezer when we left SMA.

  2. we are having a slice or two as i type this with a nice vodka rocks. what a combo.

    i could live on this stuff; fresh, toasted, with butter, honey, pate, a slice of cheese. man this is good stuff.

  3. What's with the wife beater shirt, in a restaurant no less?

  4. Are you referring to my tank top? I've never heard that term before. Sounds kind of negative. The restaurant isn't formal and they invited us in. So I guess they thought it was okay.

  5. Just Google "wife beater shirt" including the " marks.

  6. Hairy pits and eating don't go together. Or do you shave everyday?

  7. And the European women sitting next to me in their strapless sundresses?

  8. Them too.
    Hairy pits and eating don't go together.

  9. Well I guess you lose. It is common daily dress in SMA. You'll have to be very picky when choosing a place to eat.

    Also, why don't you sign up so we can see who you are instead of anonymous.

  10. I'm a different -- female -- "anonymous" who has lived in SMA for over a year and disagree that this is "common daily dress" here. Perhaps it is for tourists, but it is culturally insensitive. Look around. You won't see any local men dressed like that in public. (Or wearing shorts either.)

    Also, there is no cathedral in SMA. The church at the Jardin is "La Parroquia," simply the parish church.

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  12. Something tells me I don't like you. I have been to SMA many, many times. You don't have to live there to know what the dress is.

    I can tell you one thing, big floppy hats, big sunglasses, silverized hair with bangs and a carry all bag is worse than a guy wearing shorts. Talk about culturally insensitive.

    Personally, I don't think anyone is SMA, native or tourist, is offended by some tourist wearing shorts. I don't see anyone there wearing native dress, they all dress like Mexicans anywhere else.

  13. I think if we look carefully, we just might find "Anonymous" photo in the "Gangs Of San Miguel" Blog.

  14. I thought you were kidding. I did a search and found it. What a trip! I'm laughing my pants off.