Friday, August 20, 2010

Trip To San Antonio

Decided to come to San Antonio for the weekend. Ask me how the trip was on the highway? Very uneventful. Three federales passed us on the autopista, we had one checkpoint at Km 26. They waved us through.

The only delay was the bridge wait of 1 hour and 20 minutes. Texas has a no sales tax weekend on school supplies, school uniforms and shoes. Big deal. Shows how silly people are, they will spend 100 dollars in gas and tolls so that they can get 8 dollars savings on 100 dollars of purchase. Marketing.

We stopped at the Texas Stop Sign for a Blizzard and headed on into San Antonio. Had a long dinner at Olive Garden and now enjoying a few cocktails. Sunday is my birthday. Not a big deal, I really don't want to celebrate but hey, if they have fun making fun of an old fart, so be it.

The heat here is intense, 103 degrees at the house. San Miguel is looking better all the time. We are looking at an rv tomorrow in Boerne.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!! I hope the Olive Garden staff gave you their great Happy Birthday song! If not, sit back on Sunday and imagine us giving you one at full volume!

  2. Boerne has the BEST Pickles in the WORLD. Go the the Antique Shop on the South side of the Main St in Mid-Town. We will be stopping there next month to buy 5 large jars and the will only hold us until April. After you eat all the pickles, save the juice to put hard boiled eggs in. Use these eggs in the Tuna salad. Look luck with the hunt.

    O'yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chris!

    rocmoc n AZ/Baja

  3. Happy B-Da7, Chris. Forgot to tell you yesterday--old age I guess