Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Double Edged Sword

Check out this video from CBS. Statistics that should make both sides act now. CBS Video


  1. It's a whole lot closer to home than Juarez.

    Reporting from Reynosa:,0,336914,full.story


  2. My point wasn't about the censorship, it was about the involvement of both countries and their acceptance of their responsibility to fix the problem.

    Fight the battle in the Americas first, not in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  3. Absolutely agree with this video and news report! Thanks for posting it.

    BOTH countries are responsible for the circumstances we currently live in. BOTH countries have to find a way to solve it and work together to achieve that goal.

    Do you think it's possible?

  4. IMHO, Mexico is paying with its blood so USA can get its fix. Mexico should legalize or stop pursuing the Cartel drug ops until the USA steps up to its responsibility or legalizes drugs. It is WRONG that the Mexican people are pay a higher price than the USA for its addiction. I believe you will see a major change in the pursue of the Cartels with the next

    Presidential Admin. I believe they will return to the agreement / arrangement that existed before Fox.

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