Sunday, August 1, 2010

Made It To San Miguel de Allende

A view from our room at Los Pablos.

Nice day today. Left Matehuala around 8:45 and continued down the road towards Mexico City. I'm trying to get rid of excess weight and I don't mean an SO :). This morning was bran flakes and a Yakult.

The highway was pretty busy today. Lots of traffic mostly cars. I am surprised at so much movement. The current problems don't seemed to have stopped much of anything. We passed another checkpoint and were waved through.

I was a bit tired this morning as I went to bed late which isn't normal for me. It was a quiet drive, listening to music and talking about what we had done in the past on our trips. One thing we talked about was not having and rv and that it is fundamental for retirement here and in the U.S. How can you just sit around home and water the grass, sorry but I have better things to do.

We stopped for gas and a coffee. One thing I wonder about are all the people who live along the Hwy 57. They have land and a house, some have jobs in gas stations, restaurants and convenience stores. Others see tunas, chilis, strawberries with cajeta and cream. I guess they make a living at it. I'm just curious how they got there or decided to settle down there. There aren't any towns just a couple of houses here and there.

We stopped one more time to use the bathroom and asked how much further to SMA. The gas attendant said about 20 more minutes. Before you know there we were taking the exit and heading into town.

We had a reservation that we made over the phone but when we got to the hotel it was nothing like in the pictures so we said thanks but no thanks. We decided to head over to La Siesta where the rv park was and check hotels on the way. We passed La Aldea and it was okay, 963 pesos a night. As we left, right next door was Los Pablos. Only five rooms but look what we got. A two bedroom suite with living area. What a steal at 900 pesos a night. This is only one night and they are moving us to a sister hotel in the main plaza, Los Portales. We already checked the room and it is very nice too and they are respecting the same price. Wow, this will be great, right there in the middle of all the SMA action.

We swung by La Siesta and old cranky pants was sitting at the front desk. We had had our run ins with her before and she remembered us. She even said, "you didn't like it when I sent someone to knock on the door to collect the payment for the rv park. If you didn't like it you should have paid on time". That ole stinky pants. We looked at a room but it paled compared to Los Pablos.

Here we are and we will enjoy the week piddling around. We found out that everything is booked for Mexican Independence and we kind of figured that. Oh well, our little town of Santiago puts on a quite a celebration.


  1. Well, you could come to our little town for the 16th of Sept. They just announced in the paper today that Juan Gabriel will be giving the Grito. Apparently, he is a friend of our gobernadora. At least for that one night a year, the Yucatan is proud to be part of Mexico.

    Don't knock all the grass watering my friend, some of us get caught up in the flora and fauna and it makes it hard to get on the road. :)

  2. I wish we were there. We spent one day in SMA and had a good time.
    Bill and Sharon

  3. Take Jonna up on visiting Merida to hear the Grito! Almost as good as Delores Hidalgo.