Monday, August 30, 2010

Life In Mexico

Today I had quite a bit of free time and headed over to the MexConnect forum to do some reading. I was really surprised by some of the information that was being given on the forum as well as some of the questions.

I read about dirt floors, home insurance, car insurance, living expenses and more. I found it interesting that for Americans and Canadians many had little or no first-hand experience or their information was very limited on the subject. Believe me, I'm no guru either, but everything that we do in Mexico in terms of modern conveniences, insurance, shopping and the like are just the same as in the U.S. Why would I use an international insurance company to insure my house when Mexican companies can do it for so little. Out of all the homes in Monterrey, only 6339 have home insurance. Because of that statistic, they practically give it away. Our damage to the house from Hurricane Alex came to a total of 50,000 pesos, we only needed to get one estimate, and we are paying a deductible of less than 5000 pesos.

Another is about legalizing drugs. Why not just stop drug abuse in the U.S. and help save our country from plunder? We are in dire straights right now and the situation here is critical. The consulate here in Monterrey is taking all the consulate employee's children out of local schools and sending them back to the U.S. next week. Bush and Obama haven't done shit in respect to the "drug war". They need to bring their soldiers home and fight the battle on their own turf first before trying to cure the world's ills. I'm serious, this is escalating into something bigger than most people are aware of.

The only ones posting on a thread about cost of living and expenses are the well-healed who think spending 3K or more per month is the standard for an ex-pat. Boy do I have news for them. Many Americans are living here on paltry social security checks and that is pretty much why they are here. Please, drive a stake through my heart, I'm bleeding. And they claim they spend most of that on entertaining. I hope I get invited to the party.

Sorry, but I am in a bit of a sarcastic mood, it just seems like Mexico is going to hell in a hand basket and everyone is standing around thinking it is all blue skies. If I could only discuss what is going on in U.S. prisons and major cities across the U.S. at this time including the deaths of teenagers in Chicago at a rate of one per day. That you don't hear on the news.

I have a feeling this blog has pretty much come to an end since we no longer have an rv and I doubt there will be much boondocking at least in the near future. It has been fun but I have nothing much to post about. We'll see.

Hugs to all.


  1. No matter the title of the blog, it's the writer and the information and the style that are important. You have things to say, you say it well, and there are people out here who want to hear it. So, please continue to blog whether you are boondocking or just reading the local news and talking about it.

    When I hit the wall on the news, I just stop reading it. Simple minded? Perhaps. But life here goes on in pretty much the same way day to day no matter what is happening nationally. If this drug war comes to our part of the country, well, I'll still go to the market and still have friends for dinner and still go to some events. Would I spend less time in crowded or controversial areas? Probably, but to be honest I doubt my life would change much.

    Stick with it Chris, we are out here listening and want to hear what you have to say. Life is not all about RVs.

  2. What Jonna said goes for me too Chris,I've been enjoying your blog for several years now.
    I, like many are truely concerned about what is going on in your neck of the woods and you have the inside track with so many news blackouts.
    I wish you would come back to forum,and stir things up once in awhile too.

  3. I agree with you Chris that the root cause of Mexico's 'drug war' lies NOB. The US needs to clean up it's own house. The "War On Drugs" has been an abysmal failure - There are many in law enforcement now who are actively campaigning for legalization. Prohibition has never worked and will never work.

  4. I agree with everyone here also...I think the RV life style is in your blood and I hope you will be back..the blog is great please keep it up I know for sure the information I have gleaned from it is invaluble and when I cross the border again in November I feel safer knowing if needed you are only a phone call away, cheers Les

  5. Man, Don't quit. I just found your blog a couple fo weeks ago. I don't read maney blogs but you got something going on here and it is good.The travle infomation is good, but the conversation you bring to the reader makes me want to read more. Write when you feel like and I will keep a look out for it. Good luck on the hunt for your RV

  6. Agree with everyone else. I really enjoy your blog and would hate to see it end. I realized a few years back that I could not end world hunger or conflicts and decide to take care of my little world. This means avoiding the News a lot of times. I have started to almost read the News only as I can pick & chose what I want to be informed about. Your insight even if it is not about RVing in Mexico is priceless. If you need a wall to bounce off of, just contact anyone of us!

    Take care!

    rocmoc n AZ/Baja

  7. I do hope you will reconsider. I liked reading your blog because you were out mixing with the local people. You travelled on busses others would not touch, and reported on life in different communities. Not the typical American living in Mexico. I, for one, feel that I learned more about living in Mexico from your blog, than many others.

  8. I too have been reading for years, it's not just about rv's I like the stuff about Mexico.
    Bill and Sharon

  9. Chris, we agree as well. We like hearing what you have to say good or bad about Mexico. You have good insight and perspective on your side.

    Please keep it up!

    Hope to see you this winter

    Kevin and Ruth

  10. Jonna said it first and best. Keep your blog title. The first word is Living and that is what we do in Mexico the most. we're RVers, but we very rarely boondock--a word with more meanings than one.

    We appreciate your views--may not always agree, but it is your viewpoint and that is what we like!

    The drug situation is terrible and we know that the problem was originally created in the US and it is our insatiable appetite for drugs that keeps it going. But it is spreading everywhere--someday it will be legalized. More and more MJ possession laws are being passed in various jurisdictions.

    Don't think many of us come here for RVing info. Keep on keeping on.

  11. Please don't quit, i don't post much here but you have been a great help to me and my husband who is in mexico. we were never able to all meet up for lunch, but perhaps in the future.