Monday, August 23, 2010

Return Trip San Antonio

Blue skies, white clouds and a quiet highway. We left around 8 a.m. thinking we would get caught in back to school traffic but it was just the opposite. We stopped along the I-35 for some breakfast tacos around Dilley, Tx. and took off again.

In Laredo I stopped at the Academy store for some new workout shoes. The price went up 12 dollars over last year, same shoe and a bad economy. Stopped in at the Goodwill to look for tank tops to use at the gym and found one in new condition. I don't buy expensive workout clothes, I sweat so bad I eat through the clothes in a couple of months. I'm not a fashion bug anyway.

We got to the border bridge and were stopped by the ICE, asked a few questions and waved through. On the other side it was green lights at both the bridge crossing and the 26 km. We didn't see anything unusual and enjoyed the trip home. The scenery was spectacular. Outside of Sabinas Hidalgo on the autopista there was a checkpoint of federales but they waved us through.

In Monterrey we hit some traffic, it was around 2 p.m. and we sailed all the way to the gas station near the house on fumes but I like to get my gas invoices at the same place when possible. The toll bridge between Nuevo Laredo and Monterrey accepts cash, credit card, telepeaje but no dollars. The "libre" portion between the border and the autopista has now been widened and repaved making the trip even smoother.

Great trip, the cats were happy to see us and we were happy to leave the 104 degree heat in San Antonio although we did have a great time with my friend Sam. Temps are dropping this week and the rain may appear.

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  1. Hi, in your Back to Monterrey post of August 5, you mentioned a chart of border crossings. Would appreciate seeing that.