Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ask What Guatemala Is Like

The answer is, I don't have a clue. I have been in the hotel now for two days with over 1000 Guatemalan English teachers. An amazing group, their command of the language is unbelievable and their stories of their country make me want to run out of the hotel's front door and go see the sights.

Yesterday was the opening ceremony and the U.S. ambassador to Guatemala, Thomas McFarland was there to delivery the speech. A choir of some of the cutest primary age students sang for us and their voices were like angels. They really put on a show.

U.S. Ambassador to Guatemala

The teachers all have some type of degree or certification. You know I always see these questions on the forum about someone looking for a translator to get something done in Mexico or to be a tour guide, etc. and the answer is in any school in the country. You can find student teachers who are craving for the opportunity to practice their English with a native speaker.
Teachers at the opening ceramony.

Guatemala Choir

I told my hosts that under no circumstances should I spend one more day without some fresh air and asked that someone take me to Antigua during my free time today.

On a more exciting note, we sold our 40ft travel trailer yesterday and now that worry is off of my mind always thinking something is going to happen to it sitting out there all by itself. At least it going to a good home and the funds will pay for the new trailer and its transport to San Antonio.


  1. Antigua is cool, a little expensive, but fascinating.
    Get yourself to Lago Atitlan! Then take the pangas around to the villages that dot the lake and enjoy.
    I found Guatemala to be a powerful, spiritual, dangerously edgy, and breathtakingly beautiful place filled with the poorest of the poor but the sweetest and most picturesque indigenous people I've ever seen. I found it very hard not to fall hopelessly in love with Guate.

  2. I hope you have given yourself a couple of days at the end of the conference to see the sights!

    Good news about the trailer. Did you sell the lot it is on as well?

  3. I loved Guatemala, I really want to return again. We spent a month in the RV there a couple years ago, it was a fantastic trip.

    Glad you sold the trailer and can get the new one, life is good.

  4. Hope you find some time to get out and see the sights. Everything I hear about Guatemala is fantastic.

    When you come to the States for your trailer in November let us know maybe we can meet up some place.

    Kevin and Ruth