Monday, November 22, 2010

They're Coming In Droves

Kevin and Ruth's motorhome parked on our lot in Allende, N.L.

Well not exactly in droves but at least I got your attention! Yesterday, Kevin and Ruth arrived to our place in Allende. You can check their blog, Travel With Kevin and Ruth.

We went out for a late lunch or early dinner to celebrate Ruth's birthday which is coming up this next weekend. Ruth will be 26, she's a year older than I am. We met them in 2009 as they were heading out of Mexico. They are great people and have a wonderful dog named Whiskey.

Today we went into Monterrey where they purchased a Telcel USB for internet. I know very little about it, only what I have read from Croft's blog. We got back to their motorhome, Kevin opened the laptop and put in the usb. The internet started right up. I was amazed and so were they.

We also went to the waterfalls at Cola de Caballo. We attempted to drive further up the mountain but the road is still damaged from the two hurricanes that hit us this year.

Later in the afternoon, they moved out to our place at the club campestre where they will stay for a couple of nights before heading out for southern destinations. Tomorrow we will meet up for a few hours in the afternoon and I will have to leave them on their own as I will be traveling by bus to Doctor Arroyo early Wednesday morning returning on Saturday. Again, another teacher training course. Sunday, I head for Colombia, can't wait.


  1. I think Doctor Arroyo is near SMA. You should try to get together with Les.

    I know Kevin and Ruth will be happy with the Telcel device. It is the same as the Virgin Broadband one I have here except it worked everywhere I tried it in Mexico!

    Columbia! All this free travel and you want to retire?

  2. Thank you so much for all your hospitality Chris and all that you did for us. We really enjoyed getting to spend more time with you this time round.

    Hopefully we can do it again in March.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  3. Ahhh, cola de caballos. Tenemos buenas recuerdas de esa area gracias a ti. Glad to see Kevin and Ruth enjoyed their stay as much as we did. You and Juan are/were grea hosts.

    Tenga una buen viaje Kevin and Ruth.