Thursday, November 18, 2010

Perspective - Comparing Apples To Oranges

I have been reminded many times over the last few years that it is not wise to compare rving in Mexico to rving in the U.S. and much less comparing crime between the two countries. My question is, "How do you obtain perspective without comparing?".

I have to laugh a bit at the fear factor. The saying, "what you don't know can't hurt you" comes to mind. I just read that a couple stopped in Valle Hermoso on their way to La Pesca in the notorious state of Tamaulipas. This city is now number two following the abandoned city of Mier, Tamaulipas, in terms of violence, which is number one thanks to our criminal element that has destroyed the city and sent it citizens running for cover in another municipality.

Daily I think about the event that Les suffered last week. Not a happy memory but it seems he has now accepted it and moved on. I bring this up as we are about ready to import our new travel trailer. I love boondocking, I love the places we have been blessed to visit, relish and have wonderful memories of. I am sure we will change our travel arrangements but it just seems so hard to accept what has been going on.

I read the news daily in the U.S. from Laredo, Kansas City, San Antonio, Mcallen, and Houston. In reality, it doesn't seem much different than what we are experiencing here, except ours seems to be on steroids. I am still shocked to think that I drove around a U.S. city for more than two hours and never once saw a police car or policeman. I am referring to the city of Laredo. It seems that the violence and fear is spreading across the border and may be a good thing. A good thing? Maybe, just maybe the U.S. will begin to take action. It is slowly appearing in the news reported in The Monitor newspaper in McAllen. They now accept the fact that the cartels are well-established there and further into the U.S.

Talk of the reintroduction of morals and values in the classroom has taken over talk radio and television both here and the U.S. I don't think we have to cover our heads or put on black clothes and flog those that don't obey, but a little bit of common courtesy and respect goes a long way. Teachers as well as parents are responsible for what their children do or become, I don't care what anyone says. What you learn before the age of six lasts a lifetime. Being nice is still a good thing and I refuse to back off of that. The days of "being a gang member", or the "bad" look are all too short. I see us returning to a kinder and gentler world and it won't be soon enough.

I watched a video recently of a town taken over by the cartels and a war being fought between them. It just goes to show you what little education and common sense these people have. There was no organization, no leadership, each man for themselves, and in the end it was a debacle, no one was able to win. They pretty much ran around like chickens with their heads cut off. No wonder the Mexican military is winning.

Making a long story short, this battle has affected both sides. I don't need to post the numbers. In terms of rvers, there are tons of robberies, thefts, hijackings, and murders in national parks that it really doesn't matter what side you are rving on. Take precautions, be aware and chalk most of it up to, "at the right place at the right time".

So maybe apples and oranges have a lot in common, no pun intended.


  1. I agree 100% my friend! There have beeen RVers murdered and "disappeared" in Canada, it is not soely a Mexico problem.

    The USA must take responsibility for the uncontrolled (uncontrollable?) drug use in their own country and the unhindered transit of weapons and cash South across the border into Mexico. Until they do that, the drug wars will continue.

    I for one would be perfectly willing to sit through a detailed search of my rig going into Mexico, no matter how long it may take.

  2. Sorry, I don't want to wait in line to cross. What data says that most RVer are smugglers? Search those most probable--resources are limited. Yes, profile. X-raying the rigs is fine.

    Our last trip when we went NOB, our rig was searched by six guys and a dog. After nearly a half hr., they found that we were the worst smugglers in the world. They found four eggs and a potato that DW had forgotten to cook in the dog food. how many bad guys were allowed a free pass in that time?

    We always get checked SOB bound even though we get a greennlight. Think that is not a bad system as long as it is random. We have to use our resources wisely. Why not create a "trusted visitor" type pass for RVers who pass the criteria--whatever it may be.