Sunday, November 7, 2010

Recovering From My Trip

We were able to get out and about in Guatemala City but didn't make it to Antigua. This event was sponsored by the embassy and they warned us on several occasions not to leave the hotel because it was dangerous. I thought to myself, "are you talking to me?". I live in what is now considered one of the most dangerous Mexican states. It was about an hour after I received the second warning that I waltzed outside for a breath of fresh air.

It is a big city and it looks a lot like Mexico City but on a much smaller scale. One nice thing is that it is very clean. The airport is enormous and very well organized. Guatemalans are extremely friendly and are willing to help.

We had lunch at the aquarium restaurant. It has a huge aquarium in the middle with more exotic fish than I have ever seen. It even has an enclosed tube that you can crawl up inside and look around.

I would have stayed a few extra days but I needed to get home and get things packed. We leave this Friday for San Antonio to await the delivery of our new rv on Saturday morning. I want to take two plastic tubs with our basics and linens.

On the trip home from Guatemala I had made a mistake thinking the flight left at noon. The night before I was checking my ticket and it said 7 a.m. Yikes! I woke up at 3 a.m. even though the alarm was set for 4. Everyone was telling me that I had to arrive at the airport 2 hours before the flight. The front desk said an hour would be fine, that if I took the six o'clock shuttle it would work out well. Since I was up and awake I decided to go early. The hotel was right. It is a 10 minute ride to the airport, no traffic, and I was checked in, paid my exit tax, and at the gate in less than 10 minutes. I took advantage of the time and did some duty free shopping, had coffee and checked my email.

The same coming and going on Continental airlines. Treated badly. The flight attendants just don't understand the meaning of courtesy. They bark at the passengers, bang on the seats until you raise the seat back, and in one case the flight attendant refused to speak Spanish to a customer who was being offered a cup of coffee, and finally gave in and spoke Spanish to her. What's that all about anyway?

Just one more reason I don't want to fly inside the U.S. If I have a choice next time, I will tell them not to route me through the U.S. I am thinking of sending a letter to the airline to state my dissatisfaction with their lousy service.

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