Sunday, November 28, 2010

On My Way To Bogotá - Updated

I haven't checked the weather yet in Bogotá but it has to be warmer than here at home. I got home yesterday afternoon, took a nap and did wash so I could repack. It was 2C this morning. I know it will warm up during the day but I am also glad to be on the road. The cats are real thrilled. Little Bit snubbed me yesterday but finally gave in and slept by my side last night. I felt guilty leaving him again this morning.

I'm at the airport in Mexico City waiting for my connection to Bogotá. I had a great flight so far. Because it is work in South America, I am flying first class. Very comfy and the food is great not to mention the drinks I will have this afternoon.

I arrive in Bogotá at 8 p.m. and will try to write more about my trip.

I just arrived to my hotel here in Bogotá. It's the only picture I was able to take and it is dark outside, so maybe tomorrow.

The trip was great, the guy next to me wasn't so great. Here I am in first class and this foreigner has to exercise the whole trip by hitting himself on the arms, legs, hands, etc. I got used to it after awhile. Watched the movie Mandela which was quite inspiring.

Upon arrival at the Bogotá airport, I was reminded very quickly how organized Mexico is. I haven't been here for about 10 years but the chaos is the same. I mean it is a beautiful place but getting through immigration was like herding cattle. It didn't take but 15 minutes, they have 25 booths all open and operating so they are able to move people quickly. After getting through that line I went outside and there was the woman with a sign with my name on it. She led me to the shuttle van for the hotel, I checked in and now I am on line.

I'm heading down to the bar for a toddy and then to bed. It is 10 p.m. here an hour ahead of Monterrey. My coworkers here in Bogotá left a message at the front desk that they are coming for me at 7:15. Arrrgghhh!. I need to remember that this is work.

Kevin and Ruth posted a comment below. Very true. When I was here 10 to 12 years ago I was scared sh--less based on what was in the news. My second day here I hit the beaches of Cartegena and toured Bogotá. Just like today in Mexico. Did I take precautions? Sure I did. Highway travel was limited to daylight hours and you watched what you did. At least you were supposed to. I guess I just don't care anymore. My life limit is unknown to me and I will suck the most out of the turnip that I can. There are lots of us. You would be surprised the number of Americans in the airport here tonight.

Travel on . . . . .


  1. How exciting! and what a great job you have! I so want to go to Colombia, please post lots of pics and info.

  2. I think it's somewhat ironic that Bogota, and Columbia in general, was once one of those scary "do not go to" places. Now, Mexico is one of those scary "do not go to" places. Now that we're in Mexico during an odd time in it's history, we wonder if Columbia was ever all that scary to begin with...