Monday, November 8, 2010

Something Good Must Be Happening

You can see by the graph above, the Mexican stock market hit another all time high. The U.S. dollar continues to drop against the peso, unemployment is at 4.5% and growth is set at 5%. Still unexplainable based on the violence we are living in.

Rvers are coming down and all reports are business as usual. Here is an article that I found of great interest. It is in Spanish but if someone can find it in English it would be worth sharing.

Changes Sweep Tijuana

The article discusses the police chief's efforts that have created changes in the last three years bringing to Tijuana a trustworthy police force, less organized crime, and a return to tourism as well as business and financial growth.

I write this as I am hopeful based on those rvers who have made the trek. Early in the game I know, but it does look encouraging. As I have said before, what would anyone want with an SUV towing a trailer as a quick get-away car much less a 40ft motorhome that has little or no resale value in Mexico and so rare that it would easily be traced in a matter of days just like the rv-jacking in Ciudad Victoria in March of this year where they found the unit the next and the six bandits that stole it.


  1. Great news and good luck with the new trailer..I am crossing in the morning at Nogales so hope my permit return goes smoothly, excited to be back "home" again, tral safe Le

  2. that should read at the end travel safe Les