Monday, November 15, 2010

The New Trailer Is Something Else

It was a busy weekend. First, I worked on Friday in Linares, so I had to get home first before taking off for Laredo. I had enough points to get a free night at Holiday Inn. I think that was the trick. You know if you stay at a Holiday Inn you are smarter the next day. Must be true and it still hasn't worn off.

It was a bit spooky, the highway was dark and there was little traffic. We thought we were the only ones driving at night heading for the border. Big surprise. We took the East loop around Nuevo Laredo. The downtown entrance looked eerily empty, no traffic, no police, nada. As we approached the bridge they waved us through but we needed permits. No where to park. Over 200 people in line and it lasted for hours. We asked if we could come back the next day early in the morning and they said there would be no problem. As we headed for the hotel, we saw a sign for the old bridge. We made a quick turn just in case the traffic was less. It was, apparently no one wanted to drive through downtown Nuevo Laredo. We got the permits in less than 10 minutes. One thing though, just like Nuevo Laredo, the streets of Laredo, Tx were empty too. I mean, here we were, driving the streets of Laredo at midnight. Not a policeman in sight. I drove around while waiting for Juan to get his permit, not a policeman, national guard, security guard in sight.

We slept in Laredo and headed out early for San Antonio. We arrived at 10 a.m. and an hour later here comes the new trailer. The driver backed it into the driveway and left us room to open the slides. It is really something. We had a ball with it over the weekend getting it set up, opening all the boxes, playing with the digital television, and reading all the manuals. A gas line problem which may be operator error is yet to be fixed but we will do that when we return in December for our Christmas trip.

This morning before heading out, we went to the Texas Department of Transportation or the Tax Office and they offered us a thirty day permit in December for 25 dollars so we avoid paying taxes before exporting it into Mexico. I also found insurance for a song and a dance. I was worried not having a U.S. driver's license but the guy said no problem. They may hassle me after six months but by then we will have canceled the insurance and purchased insurance here in Mexico.

I also received a package for Jonna in Merida. She had asked if we could bring a package from Canada she was waiting for and I will get that shipped to her tomorrow.

If you haven't read Les' blog Journey of a Lifetime, he was robbed at gunpoint his first night in Mexico. Les had the last word though so read his blog and get a smile of his account. Happy to report he suffered no injuries and is happily traveling around Mexico. Those dirty bastards, I hope they get their just desserts.

More later, I'm beat.


  1. Yay! Soon I will be watching HD TV with my new receiver.

    I feel so international, it takes 3 countries to get me HGTV in high def. :)

  2. Pics, Pics we want pics!

    rocmoc n AZ

  3. Jonna, now you can watch Disaster DIY in high definition as well! ;>)