Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day Two In Bogotá


Well, one puzzle solved. I was going to report that I was getting sick. I have felt bloated and extremely tired since yesterday morning. I forgot that Bogotá sits at almost 9000ft. No wonder. I have been going to the gym and not feeling shortness of breath but this was really getting me down. I have been busy working visiting universities and giving presentations. It has been an experience.

Every 3 meters there is a little shop that sells fresh bread and coffee. Breads made from whole grains, buns, palitos de queso (bread sticks made with cheese), sweet cookies. This morning we had two coffees and two pieces of bread to go and it cost less than 1 dollar. Good prices.

The downside to these last two days is the weather. Warm and sunny until noon and then the cold comes down and it rains, I mean rains in sheets and floods the streets. So sightseeing is limited and tomorrow we fly to Cali where the weather is hot and sunny and the elevation at 32ooft. So I should feel better and be able to get out tomorrow considering I have only one presentation.

This is a view from my street and the view you see throughout the city. A lot like D.F.

One of the cool things about this city with 9 million residents is the well-designed steet grid. As you can see by the picture below, carreras run one way and calles another. Everything is numbered to make it easy to find. All the houses and building have a number no exception. Another goodie is that there are lots of motorcycles and everyone has a helmet, driver and passenger, this is strictly enforced.

I did a tour of the supermarket Exito. Three stories and they sell everything. I read a sign at the entrance that says on some items you can make payments, payments with post-dated checks. Hmmm interesting.

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  1. Focus on the food amigo. Cuentanos de todos lo que estas comiendo.... los detailles...por favor. :)