Monday, November 1, 2010

Just Arrived In Guatemala

What a day! I was up at 2 a.m., had coffee, showered and headed out for the airport. I had to hunt down someone from immigration to check me out of Mexico, but to no avail. Finally, they radioed around and found someone. They don't get there until five a.m. and my flight left at 5:30.

Took Continental again, sorry but I just don't like the way U.S. airlines conduct business. More on that in a second. The flight to Houston was uneventful and the U.S. immigration was a breath of fresh air based on past experiences. First off, we were the first international flight in and there was no competition in the lines, only 35 of us. I whizzed right through without a hitch, in fact, the officer smiled at me and welcomed me back home ;).

I now think I know why there are so many obese people running around these days. The airport was full of them. It is a plot by aliens to fatten us up and then they will return to harvest us, maybe in 2012?

My experience from Houston to Guatemala was bittersweet. We had lunch service which was good but like always the flight attendants are real sourpusses. You couldn't rise a smile out of any one if you paid them. The sergeant at arms was a loud mouth who yelled at everyone, pushed carts around and made a general ass of himself. I am reporting him this week. It appears nowadays that the flight attendants have the upper hand and attempt to mistreat the public. Gone are the days of friendly service with a smile, offer you a blanket and a pillow. Please do not standup until you have cleared it with a flight attendant. Enough of that.

I arrived safe and sound to Guatemala and from what I saw from the plane, the landscape and the city are beautiful. The convention is here next to the airport so I didn't get to see much. Guatemalan immigration was a breeze and took all of 30 seconds; a scan of my passport and a look at my immigration forms and off I went. My co-workers were waiting for me outside and off we went to the hotel. I only have these two pictures to show but at least you know I am being well-taken care of.


  1. Nice room! What would it cost?

  2. Believe it or not, 55 dollars a night. Tax is about 18% on top of that. Very well equipped, plenty of cable stations; American, Mexican, Guatemalan. Balcony with table and chairs. Can't wait to get out on the streets.

  3. Check into the RV Parks if you have a chance!

    rocmoc n AZ