Monday, July 18, 2011

Day Trip To Sahuayo

We got up at our routine time of 4:45 a.m. and had some good coffee and the news and headed off to the gym.  It had rained around 5 a.m. and things were pretty wet.  Surprisingly there were about 10 people at the gym.  Great place to work out.  All the equipment you could imagine and in brand new condition.  It is 10 times better than my gym at home.   Didn't take but a few minutes to get back into the routine and after it felt great to get all that extra water out of my body.

Came back to the rv park and showered, had a half of a mantecada and some milk and then headed out for Sahuayo.  Sahuayo is about 40 minutes from here and we had no other choice.  It is the only town nearby with a branch to our bank in Monterrey.  Very small branch too I might add.  Banorte is really a northern Mexico bank although they do have branches spread out around the country.  We also made a payment for the SKY at the Banamex and I printed and deposited the check we got from the insurance company for the damage to the house last year, that was at Serfin.

We also stopped by the CFE to pay the light bill from home.  Things are so much easier now in Mexico than before.  In the past all of things would have been a hassle if they could have even been done.   Welcome to the modern world.

I had a list of things I wanted to pick up at the Soriana.  This is the store we stopped at on our way up the mountain last week.  I also had hoped to pick up some Chinese food from the place but in downtown Sahuayo we came across a very yummy looking torta restaurant.  Couldn't resist.  We bought a milanesa torta which is a thin piece of chicken-fried steak on a bolillo with tomato, avocado, onion and jalepeños.  We split the torta and it was as delicious as I had anticipated.

By this time my eyelids were drooping and it was time for a nap.  We grabbed what we needed and headed back to Valle de Jaurez.  Exiting Sahuayo we needed to fill up on gas.  We haven't had to use much because everything is so close around here.  You guessed right, in that little town they accept Visa.  No hassle, no problems, we were in and out in no time.

There are lots of places nearby that we want to investigate.  We are making a list.  One big problem with hiking is that the rains are so unpredictable and they come and go so quickly.  The forecast says for the next 10 days a 60% chance of rain, and they mean it.

Well, off to get the welder that never showed up and it is almost happy hour.  This is too much fun, even with the chores we do it beats being at home, not that I don't like home but this presents some adventure for us.

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  1. The only time we ever had a problem using a credit card for gas was when they didn't have any more paper for the machine that prints the credit card receipt, and I think there was one time where the machine couldn't get an authorization. The, we'd put 500 pesos worth of fuel in the motorhome and pay cash for it and move on till the next Pemex.