Thursday, July 14, 2011

Valle de Juarez - Hacienda Contreras

What can I say about our trip?  It was incredible.  Sal and Barb gave us great directions and the highways were in the best of shape, most having been recently paved.  We spent the night at the Hotel La Palma and slept really well.  Although it is on the main drag into town it was quiet all night just like the owner said.  Got up around 8:30 after a long sleep to recover from the previous night.  We had a light breakfast of oatmeal and bananas, packed up and split.  First stop was the gas station just outside Yurecuaro where as no surprise to us, they accept debit and credit cards.   A new OXXO was opening but no coffee yet.   I always like a fresh cup for the road.

We passed many rvs but they were circus folk, you know, carnies.  I could smell cabbage, they all have small hands you know (Austin Powers).  We were driving down the highway and all of a sudder there was a camel's head coming at me along with two tigers.  Wow, that was pretty cool!

Getting close to Valle de Juarez we stopped at the entrance to Sahuayo there is a huge Soriana.   We picked up a few things even though we had most of what we needed from home; skim milk, coffee, our favorite laundry detergent, etc.   They have a good chinese restaurant there in the Soriana.   Off we went until we got to the rv park.  We woke up David and Valerie from a nap I hope they didn't mind.  We talked for a while and then set up.  We are going to move their rv so we can take the front spot but we decided to wait until next week.  They are taking off for the weekend.  

Later in the afternoon while we were taking a nap, I heard a knock at the door and David was standing there dressed in his  Hawaiian shirt requesting our presence at happy hour.  I was out of bed in two seconds.   We had a great evening, putting some steaks on the grill and having dinner together.   You learn something new everyday.  They have a wonderful gizmo for aerating wine giving it a wonderful flavor.  It's on our "to buy" list.

The rain is what it is.  60% for the next 10 days.   It comes and goes.  It rained this morning and has stopped giving us a chance to go up to the house to get cleaned up.  Great rv park, wonderful bathrooms just like home with instant hot water, good electricity, sites, etc.

I don't think it will take much to get you guys to come back down to Mexico.  We will enjoy our stay here and I will be reporting when I can, hopefully daily.  We will start looking around for our trip back up north because we have found this trip to be completely worry free.  Just like the old days.   Viva Mexico!


  1. Laughed out loud at your "circus folk" comment. Too funny.

  2. This is a very nice upbeat post! The road trips really show in your posts! The spirit picks up and the words take on a fun feel. Seems as if this trip was what you folks were really needing. Apologise for not commenting on your blog before as I have been reading it almost from the first. Somtimes I agree, sometimes not, but would never challange the right for one's opinion on any subject. My favorite posts are when you are sharing the RV Adventures and giving information of the Ins & Outs of Mexico. Also the travel and adventures of your work related life. Great photos, but your knack for seeing the shot sometimes is better than the eye of the camera conveys!LOL You deserve a better camera for your abilities! You are an excellent candidate for a few photography lessons. Think Photo-Journalist! Living in a Country with many contrasts,cultures,languages,customs , and you have learned to navigate and actually become a tax-paying citizen of, talk about a supplemental income! And in your backdoor!A beautiful Home Base and a slick RV!

    My posts always have a tendencey to get to long, but being my first I just wanted to say that maybe it's time to really hit the road and enjoy the vagabounders life for awhile. Your Spirit comes thru in your writings for this life!!

  3. More info and a photo on the wine gismo please! anything to make Mexican wine taste better!!