Saturday, July 16, 2011

This Is Just Like . . . . Down On The Farm!

Cows on the left, cows on the right, hay being hauled on trucks down the main road, this is just like down on the farm. 

I got up this morning bright and early.  Today was my work day and it was time to get down to my list of chores.  David, the other couple here, mowed the grass last week with the riding mower.  Barb asked that we not weed wack around the trees and shrubs so we wouldn't do any damage to the trunks or bark.  Sorry, that's like not trimming the hairs in your nose and ears, Yikes!

I made a cuff out of PVC pipe I found in the barn.  I slip it around the bottom of each tree or shrub and then cut around it.  Not a difficult task but took me some time.  The results were well worth it.  The grass is growing fast and I am sure I will be cutting it within days.  

We drove over to Mazamitla yesterday to buy a pair of rubber boots to slosh around on the ranch while I work. I also got a haircut for 35 pesos. Great job!  We picked up some cheese too. A lot of foreigners say Mexican cheese is a little bland.  Wow, we picked up some really stinky stuff that is delicious.  You know the expression, "there's something rotton in Denmark".  It's their cheese.  We walked around, went into the tourist office and got some brochures and then headed home for a nap.

Here are some pics we took in Valle de Juarez.  I should have posted these yesterday but didn't get around to it.


  1. Wow, things are so green there compared to when we have been in February/March. Make sure you go visit Cascada El Salto at Los Cazos on the other side of Mazamitla

  2. Another place on our list of places to stop at!

  3. LOVE Mexican cheese! Don't be shy, please share the info on the queso.