Sunday, July 17, 2011

Laid Back Sunday At Hacienda Contreras

The church in the main plaza of Valle de Juarez

Quiet Sunday afternoon here.  We watched a movie with Adam Sandler last night about a stand up comedian who has a rare disease and thinks he is going to die but in the end survives.  Great movie, but we thought it would never end.  It lasted over 2.5 hours.   We finished the last 20 minutes this morning after waking up.

We went into the barn to watch a little news from Monterrey.   There is a big screen tv there and it is connected to SKY cable.  Drank a couple of cups of coffee and then decided to get cleaned up and do a little work.  First off was a load of clothes which were then hung on the line to dry.  After, I cleaned the two bathrooms and showers.  Not a big chore but that is done for a couple of days.

I came back to the rv to find two very delicious tacos made with eggs and a green chorizo we bought in Mazamitla, it is made with green chilis  but has a taste like bachwurst.  Man they were good, served on flour tortillas with some beans and big glass of cold milk.

I took nap for about 2 hours.  I need to get back on my routine tomorrow.  We have been staying up too late and no matter what I am always up around 5:00 in the morning.  I forgot to say that we stopped by the gym in Valle de Juarez yesterday to see what was up.  Much nicer than my gym at home and only 250 pesos per month.  It is owned by a woman who seemed pretty friendly.  

This is a small town and even though there are tourists people tend to watch us.  It makes me feel uncomfortable and hopefully they will get used to seeing me around over the next couple weeks.   Not a problem, but something we have to deal with from time to time as foreigners.   People are curious creatures and I do the same thing. 

Reading Tioga and George's blog this morning I found his comment not only interesting but very true:

Things change. We never know when they will change, or what the changes will be. However, I do know one thing for sure. It is a lucky thing that we do not know what will happen in advance. Living in blissful ignorance is a true blessing.

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