Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Kinda Like Green Acres

Another great day here at Hacienda Contreras.   Got up early as usual and went for my shower before going to the gym.   I think I wake up too early now.  With this weather all you want to do is sleep, lay there and look out the window at all the beautiful scenery and think about how we got here.  It's wierd.  I have been competing with my older siblings all of my life and even though they are much older than I am it was always in my head to retire like they did.  Wow, it is really here.  It is so much fun I can't describe it.  I wouldn't want to be a workcamper all year long, but a month here or there would be alright.  Helps to keep the budget in check and some jobs are real pieces of cake too.

Well, it was time for me to mount that big green tractor that was sitting in the barn.  The welder came the day before and fixed the piece that had come lose so there was really no reason for me not doing my job of cutting the grass.   I sang "Green Acres" all morning as I have no real experience at any of this but it sure is fun.  You learn something new everyday and that keeps it interesting and fun.   I was quite proud of myself by the time I had finished.  Of course I only did maybe a quarter of the place in 2 1/2 hours.

Several things here are in the top ten of an rv park list.  One of them is the great electricity.  It is right on the middle of the green on my 110 meter I have plugged into the bathroom outlet.  Stays there all the time and never moves.   Second is the wifi.   It is pretty good and except for the fact that it had been hit by a storm a couple of times and could use a good adjustment, it works great.  I need to get into town and have them come take a look at it and fine tune it.   The well water is delicious and ice cold.  Good for drinking and not heavy in minerals.  You really lather up fast with a little shampoo or soap.

The food in town is to die for.  Yesterday we ate at La Cocinita right as you enter town.  Lunch for two and we had it all, 80 pesos.   Juan ordered carne asada en su jugo which was delicious beef cooked in broth with beans, onions, tomatoes and chiles.   I had albondigas or meatballs in a heavy broth with vegetables.  But wait, first was a plate with sliced cheese, jocoque (sour cream with curd) and some refried beans served with homemade real yellow ground corn tortillas.  You can smell the leña from the adobe brick oven where they make them. 

I'm sure there are many paradise on this planet and we have found one.  If I can just shake this lazy attitude from all this wonderful weather I might get my work done.


  1. Shucks, I thought the welder was there to reinforce the frame under your water tank.

  2. that dang song is stuck in my head.

  3. You sort of are on relax and enjoy. the work will be there manana.