Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunday Was A Lot Of Fun


Yesterday we got up late, I mean around 6 a.m.   Just my internal clock.   We got on the road about 9 a.m. and headed for a real jewel of a restaurant.  They only open on Sunday and sell the best barbacoa de borrego in the world.  Sal and Barb took me there in June.  It was fantastic as you can tell by the pictures.

David and Valerie headed out over the weekend for their home on the coast of Jalisco.  We had a great time while they were here and the good part is that they will be coming back in August.  So we will all be together and I'm sure it will be a humdinger.  Here they are leaving Hacienda Contreras.

We also went to Mazamitla.  Lots of tourists, but the good kind.  People seem to take good care of the place and you don't see any trash.  We went to the church, the main plaza, checked on the bus schedule that I needed to get to Guadalajara.   We love this place.

Now I am in D.F.  for a couple of days.  Beautiful weather here too.  Cool days, sunshine and the afternoon rains.  I took a walk this afternoon during lunch down Insurgentes.  The streets were packed with office workers on their lunch breaks.  Eating, talking, having a coffee.  Very peaceful and eerily quiet.  No horn honking.  I'm stuck in a tower all day in meeting.  Fun, but I would rather be in Valle de Juarez.


  1. Hi, I live not far from where you are now and have some of my favorite borrego places around here too. But I can't quite place the one you ate at. Please tell where this barbacoa de borrego place is. Pleeeeeze.

  2. It is on the road coming from Sahuayo, about a mile north of town on the east side. Where are you?