Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's Really Happening!

I know for you seasoned travelers and snowbirds this is nothing.  But for us, wow, the trip of a life time.  Everything is packed and ready to go.  All systems check out, the refrigerator works like a charm, the 12V system is loaded and the inverters working well.  The electric blanket presented a problem but was a user error on my part. 

I still need to load a bit of water but I don't want to overload the tank.  It sits up front and has no support frame.  Most owners of this model have added supports and we will probably have someone come out to the park to do that once we are there.

Connected, sitting in the driveway my biggest fear is getting it out of the driveway.  We got it in, but getting it out looks so much more difficult.  You'll know tomorrow night.  We will be posting late in the afternoon from Guadalcázar if we have a signal. 

The rain is coming and it is good news for me.  I prefer to drive in the rain, more relaxing, cooler, and going through Monterrey the transito are less likely to be working.   

Hasta Mañana!


  1. Wow! Finally on the road! Have a safe trip. I recall from Wandering Willy's Blog that there is a welder or some kind of a shop very near your RV park that may come in handy. He had a broken axle when he was there.

    I also remember him and Les having to leave the property to get a WIFI signal. You might have to buy a Telcel broadband card.

  2. Buen Viaje! (oh gosh I hope that's correct!)