Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ready To Head Back To Hacienda Contreras

I'm ready to head back home tomorrow.  I'm not happy with the week-long training session for consultants.  I doubt you're interested in the details but things change and so do I.  I have been offered some work in editing and have accepted the project and that is a good thing.  The consulting side has left me a bit turned off.  We used to have a great team of consultants.   That has pretty much gone downhill over the years.  Not that they don't have the knowledge or education, it's the image of what we do.  We educate, motivate and entertain people.  That's what I do, I have been very successful at it.  The work is there, and I am sure I will take it.   I just felt like most of the week was a waste of my time.  I come home with little or no new knowledge and information.  

I changed my flight from 9 p.m. Friday night to 12 p.m.  That will get me to Guadalajara by 13:15 and hopefully on the three o'clock bus up the mountain.  If I can figure it out, I will take a taxi to the periferico and catch the bus after it has left the city and all those stops it makes getting me to Mazamitla by 6 p.m.  just in time for happy hour.  

Mexico City is a fun place.  As I think I mentioned last week, it would be great to form a group of rvers from wherever they are this winter in Mexico, to fly to the Big Tamal and spend a week here.   Take tours of the pyramids, Zocalo, Museum of Archeology, Zona Rosa, dinners in wonderful restaurants, and much more.  


  1. That would be interesting. You do know that Mexico City has a huge group of Mexican Rvers! They usually head out 1-2 times per month and camp in everything from tents to Class A's. A great group of people.

  2. Nos gustaria hacer una viaje a Mexico con ustedes pero tenemos que esperar hasta nuestro perro Gizmo ha salido a el grande tamale en el cielo. :)

    hasta luego....