Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Little Food For Thought

Wow, just reading a few headlines on Fox News this morning.  We have cable now and it works great.  Surprising the number of violent crimes in the U.S. over one weekend.  These aren't one on one murders, these are multiples in places that tourists go to; special events, rallies, and public places.  Something to think about next time somebody says it's dangerous across the border.

Five Dead in Shooting at Birthday Party at Texas Roller Rink

3 Dead, 1 Hurt in Arizona Motorcycle Rally Shooting

Fire Dept.: 12 Injured in Seattle-Area Shooting

Patient Kills McLean Psychiatrist

Man Dead, Woman And Daughter Wounded In North City Shooting


  1. A shame this kind of stuff happens anywhere!

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  2. How about the attack in Norway with over 80 people dead?

    Last weeks CBS 60 Minutes repeat of the murder of the mayor of Santiago still ripped out our hearts.

  3. Shootout in Toronto Canada last night. One dead, two injured. Mexico here we come.