Sunday, August 21, 2011

Found The Perfect Spot In Dolores Hidalgo

What a great travel day.  We took the autopista and spent a fortune.  I voted libre but lost, 3 to 1.  Two cats, one human.  Wonderful highways all the way.  We took the turn through Guanajuato (city) and wound up driving over the mountains to Dolores Hidalgo.   Now that was a great adventure and we will do it again but will spend the night in the mountains.  We were hoping to stay at the university here but were denied.  New director.   No problem.  We are parked behind Protección Civil and the city building.  With the bicenitenial celebration last year, they installed free wifi everywhere.  You can´t beat this boondocking spot not to mention the security.

Tomorrow we hit SMA, about an hour from here.   I am emailing my contacts  tonight to see if we can meet and look at boondocking options. 


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