Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time To Move On

Sal and Barb came home yesterday around 6 p.m.  Their dog Nico was happy to see them and went running after their rv as they pulled through the park.  Well, it looks like our time here is finished.  It has been a blast and an experience we will never forget.  Let's hope we get to do it again, it was worth every minute.  It kind of gave us a taste of workcamping as well as being owners of a park.  

We got together with other campers who were here this week and celebrated Sal and Barb's return.  We had a few drinks and ate some super good tacos that our neighbor Chato made.  We were all inside the fifth wheel rental nice and warm and chatted up a storm.

Today we went into Mazamitla and got hair cuts.  After, we headed for the market for one last delicious lunch that cost us all of 65 pesos for both.  We went to the plaza and met the computer guy to make some minor adjustments to my laptop and then headed back to the rv park. Poured cats and dogs on the way back and I am sorry to say we won't be seeing this kind of storm at home.  We need the rain. 

Tonight we got together with Sal and Barb in their beautiful fifth wheel and had daquries made with some really sweet strawberries they had picked up on the way home.  Had a few good laughs and conversation. 

Tomorrow we start packing up and getting the Funfinder ready for our return trip.  Saturday we head to Guadalajara for a few days to do some research and then head out to SMA.   As much as I love Mexican food and pan dulce I can't wait to stop by the Canadian bakery in SMA to get a loaf or two of multi-grain bread.  Yummy!

Reading the recent news on BorderLandBeat,  I'm not in any hurry to go home.  It won't be long after returning that we will be on the road again, can't wait.  Feeling a bit  farklempt.

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