Monday, August 29, 2011

Planning The Next Trip

It was a somber weekend.  Most people were attempting just to digest what had happened and where do we go next with all of this.  There was a peaceful gathering in the main plaza in Monterrey showing solidarity but most wondering what would actually come out of it.  52 people lost their lives last Thursday, 3500 reinforcements have been sent in, the government is looking for the casino owners to get them to accept responsibility.  News day and night covers the story but in the end, everyone is dancing around the issue.  Paying extorsion to criminal gangs in exchange for security.  No one has attempted to even mention it but we all know the truth.  The culprits have been captured but not identified and the government has not released the news although the speculation points at their capture.  You've seen it on CNN, Fox, and your local stations.

We're home now and spent most of the weekend doing nothing.  We never left the house.  The cats hung around too and pretty much we looked at each other for three days.  One thing that is high on the list is widening the gate,  the trailer just doesn't fit.  It's in the driveway but this has to take priority.

We are planning a trip to San Antonio but I want to wait until Kevin and Ruth pass through on their way south.  We will spend a week or two in Texas and return home.   We will be traveling to Morelia the end of October and then staying around Mexico City for November and the first two weeks of December before returning to SMA.  I have found a couple of rv parks around the Big Tamal and I am investigating La Marqueza which lies between D.F. and Toluca, high in the mountains, pine trees and easy access to the city.

The next three days I will be teaching a course at a local university and that will take my mind off of things.


  1. Instead the whole country is wrapped up in two foul mouthed girls from Polanco, avoidance?

    When are you coming to Yucatán? I have spent xmas and ny in sma and it is colder than a you know what. Come down where it is warm (but not hot) and beautiful.

  2. Chris, we plan on being in SA 9/20 for a week. Let us know when you'll be there and see what we can work out for a visit or two.

  3. Hi, I´ve been wonderig how it was going for you guys. Glad to see by your post that you are OK at least. Sad stuff, huh? Well, be well, Sue

  4. Hello,

    This question is on a different topic. You mentioned , on a different forum, that you had a list of Pemex stations selling ultra low sulfut diesel.

    Could you sent me that list please.

    Thank you