Sunday, August 14, 2011

Made It To Guadalajara

Chatting with Sal and Barb the day we left Hacienda Contreras

We came down the mountainn about 9:30 yesterday morning and made it to the Walmart on Lopez Mateoes.  There, some  friends met us and invited us to an afternoon of food fest at their house.  They were hoping our trailer would fit in their patio but the ramp was too high and we were about to scrape bottom.
Delicious huaraches in the making and ready to eat.

We headed out afterwards to San Jose del Tajo Rv Park right across from the Walmart.  Easy to find easy to get into but it should be called San Jose de Dumpo.  Old and run down, it has seen better days.  As usual, lack of maintenace.  Weeds growing out of the cracks inside the swimming pool, lots of tiles missing, curbs broken from time and tree roots.  Everything here is made of brick and if not covered with cement the brick deteriorates overtime.  Landscaping is out of control althouth the grass is cut.  We like our site, it is under some trees and well located.   This is why we like boondocking so much.  Speaking of that,  for my birthday this month I want to buy a big inverter to hard wire into our system so all our outlets are live.  Maybe Kevin can give me a hand with that  when they come down next month.
I just woke up from my nap and have to say it is quiet here in the park.  There was  a party on the other side of the park but I didn't hear anything until I woke up at 6:30 this morning.  We also took a drive around the periferico to the education department where Juan has his meeting.  It was easy getting there and the signs around Guadalajara seem to be well-marked.   It has turned out to be a lovely day and it is about time for happy hour.  The winds are picking up and you can hear the thunder.   Rain should be along any minute.

For Sal and Barb, and those that might want to save time taking the bus up the mountain to Mazamitla, I recommend you come out here to this part of town to Parador Palomar.  As I said a couple of weeks ago, it is a makeshift bus stop with people selling bus tickets and food.   It is located on Lopez Mateos across from the Mormon temple south of the Walmart.   You save about two and half hours from the central de autobuses.  Well worth the taxi ride.


  1. Maybe Kevin can give me a hand with that when they come down next month.


  2. OOOhhhh Chris, get rid of that picture! We look like we are having at it instead of chatting, ha ha ha.

    Kevin and Ruth, are you flying to Monterrey for a visit or starting your Mexico travels early?

  3. There used to be an American expat selling Internet for $10 pesos per day at the San Jose del Tajo. Wonder if he is still there. Also our friends Dave and Andrew used to live there in a small trailer. They wanted to house sit for us this winter but have a dog that Norma did not want in the house.

  4. For a relaxing time, not far out of the city, head out to Villa Corona where one can find the balanrio Chimulco. It has lots of RV sites and is well looked after. Not to mention the four or five swimming pools kept warm by nature and drained every day! In winter months at least a smaller pool is filled for overnight guests each evening except Sunday. Get there early and get the full flow of the warm water that's filling the pool. No roof to the building, one can watch the stars and have conversations at the same time.