Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trip To El Centro - Guadalajara

Took off early this morning and got on the bus from the rv park to downtown.  Cost six pesos and was a very good bus.  Total time from point A to B was 45 minutes.   Traffic is a mess especially staying on the lateral all the way. 

We went to El Mercado Corona.   Talk about a Mexican food eater's paradise.  We walked for 20 minutes trying to decide where to eat.  We settled on breakfast and I had huevos rancheros for 27 pesos.  Delicious served with a glass of hot milk and Nescafe, my favorite treat.  Of course when we finished we turned the corner down another aisle and I found my favorite, tacos de canasta, 5 for 12 pesos.   My god, get me out of here.

We were on the search for 12 hats and 12 hand fans for a dance group in Monterrey.   The hat search was exhausting as we were getting nowhere.    We took off to the other market nearby, Mercado San Juan de Dios, a pirate's paradise if you get my drift.  I wouldn't buy anything there.   We did stumble onto a shop that sold fans and it was a good luck find.   Before we bought them we made a call home to find out that the hats had been found in Monterrey and we were good to go on the fans.

I got my shoes shined while we were in the main plaza too.  They were filthy but I have had a hard time finding a shoe shine stand in the last two months.  We also ducked into the recently remodeled Teartro de Degollado.  Beautiful.   We walked all over the place and had a ball.  We took pics with the cell phone so we need to figure out how to download them.   We've never done it with Juan's cell phone.

We went to the bank to make a deposit for the guy who is keeping the quinta in order, took all of 5 minutes.   The downtown area was saturated with shoppers, tourists from all over the world, venders selling just about anything imaginable.  Mexico is so easy.  You can't bitch about not having a job.  Buy a box of gum, some scouring pads on sell, cheap toys, and spread a blanket on the ground.   You are now in business.  I don't necessarily agree with it but it beats hearing people complain about not having any money.

So coming back we had to take two buses.   The first one took us to the periferico where we got off.  I was pretty beat so we took a taxi for 50 pesos the rest of the way,  all the way to our site.   A good nap and now it must be time for some refreshment.   If we can get the pictures downloaded I will post them tomorrow.  Hey, Guadalajara is fun!


  1. I think we went to that market with all the food! What a zoo. Interesting place though! Only thing I didn't like about Guadalajara was that they have a bad graffiti problem.


  2. The biggest markets are in Tonola. Perhaps only on certain days though.

  3. I love Guadalajara! It was 2nd in our choices of cities to live in, it lost out mainly because it is too cold and dry in the winter. We've spent a lot of time there, I even went to school there for a couple of weeks and we boondocked in a friend's neighborhood. The school was in the centro and we used to go to the mercado San Juan fairly often, most people called it Taiwan de Dios.