Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday Is Market Day In Valle de Juarez

Yesterday we headed to the local market in Valle de Juearez.   Remember we went to the market last Monday in Mazamitla where we met Oscar, a guy who repairs laptops and downloads programs, etc.  He travels the markets in the area and said he would be in Valle.  I needed some updates for the laptop and he was going to perform them. 

We got there about 10 a.m. just in time to scarf down some of the local delights.  We had the delicious tacos you see below.  Puffy and filled with mashed potatoes and cheese.  I smothered them with lectuce, salsa and cilantro.  They were to die for.  Hey, what the heck.  We do all our own cooking and eat right plus we are at the gym five days a week.  Yes, I am justifying my endulgences.

The market was just opening up and people setting up their stands.

As we finished munching on the tacos, our friend came by to work on the laptops.  In a town of 3000 it isn't hard to find someone you are looking for.

One last stop on our trek through the market.  Tortillas made with green corn.  She said they were healthier and so we believed her.   Yummy!

Oscar downloaded our programs, although it took a couple of hours.  That gave us time to walk around and find more things like fresh pan dulce for Sunday breakfast.   Strangers also approached me to chat for a while.   That happens to me a lot :).

We are finishing up this week as Sal and Barb return.  We will most likely take off on Saturday or Sunday and head for Guadalajara where we will visit a couple of schools.  From there, we are checking out some sites in San Miguel for our winter stay.


  1. I just want to tell you that I love your blog! My mother is from Monterrey and grew up in General Bravo so in the past when you spoke of those areas it really gave me that connection. I love hearing of your travels, the foods and the sights, brings back so many memories. I am trying to find a town historian for Bravo or China, do you know of any?

  2. Do you prefer being on one place for period of time or moving about every few days?