Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Running Errands

I took off this morning with the truck to run some errands.  There is so much here it boggles the mind.  I went to Office Depot first to print some documents and then scan them.  Scanning costs too much, 15 pesos per page, so I will wait until I find an internet cafe.  

From there I went to the bank to pay my taxes, took all of five minutes.  I also need a copy of a bank statement which they printed out for me no charge.  I walked next door to BlockBuster and picked up to wild films for tonight and tomorrow.  One is about a Mennonite in Mexico who falls for a local woman, taboo.  The other is about three Spaniards who witness a murder and years later end up in prison.  I'm too lazy to get up and get the titles but after I see them I am sure I will want to share them.

I also did a walk through of the Home Depot.  All these places are on the same stretch of Lopez Mateos.  I could have walked as well as driven or even taken the bus.  I am always on the look out for LED light bulbs.  They carry a wide assortment for regular bulb sockets at home like table lamps.  I paid 29 dollars for one in San Antonio in December.  Here they are super duper bulbs and cost 700 pesos.  Not sure why, but I am going to check it out.  

I parked the car on the way back and went over to Mega to get some fresh baked bread for dinner tonight.  This Mega has wonderful bread; multi-grain, centano black, wheat with nut flour, linseed, and several more.  We have tried the ones above and they are pretty good.  Small loaves for 11 pesos.   They have a wide selection of produce including star fruit, kiwi, asparagus, ginger root, bean and soy sprouts.  There is more but it was pretty crowded.  

A correction to my critique of the park here.  One thing for sure, the people who work here are very nice.  The main building is like early 50s architecture and many of the furnishings, lights and fireplace look original.  It would make for a great restoration project.

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  1. Andreas at the front desk was very good to us. I needed work done on the Honda and he found us a mechanic to come to the park and ride with me to his shop. I got new brakes and shocks for a very reasonable price!