Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lots Of Good News - And Pictures

Starting off with the good news of the day, the Tourism Secretary from D.F. announced that 90% of tourists surveyed between January and July of this year say they felt safe and had no problems moving around Mexico.  In fact, Bill and Dot Bell are in D.F. this week renting an apartment for 200 dollars and their reports are excellent.  It appears they are having a great time and who wouldn't.  It's only the largest and oldest city in the Americas with something for everyone.

I mentioned that I stopped by the Mega yesterday.  Mega now gives you cash back from your debit or credit card, along with Walmart I can now eliminate that pesky 30 peso transaction fee.

Today we are taking a day trip to Tequila.   Yes, where the famous and controversial drink comes from.  Many say it has medicinal purposes and science claims it doesn't.  Oh, what do they know.  I drink the stuff before bed and sleep like a baby.   Actually, we are going to do some genealogy.  Juan's mother was born in Tequila in 1930.   She died when Juan was a kid and he has always wanted to know more.   Not much is known about her family as she left for Monterrey as a young woman.  I hope we find some documentation as I know it would mean a lot to him.  Tissues please!

Now before the pictures, a small commentary.  The Pope is visiting Madrid soon.  So the church has set up 200 portable confessionaries so that pilgrims can cleanse their souls before seeing the man.  I don't know about you but I bathe regularly.   Wouldn't you do the same with your soul?   I just think it's odd that if you are a believer you would wait so long.   I used to go as a  kid, I never confessed the truth.  It was always about not eating my green beans and hitting my little brother.

Our site in the back where caravans park.  

One of the many new public works projects going on in Gdl.

A shot of the cathedral downtown.

The recently remodeled theater of the city.

The tacos de canasta, 5 for 12 pesos.

This place has good food, plus the woman with the scarf is very friendly and gives good tourism tips.  This is in the main market downtown.

 Some carbs for a good nap in the afternoon, best served with cold milk!

A monument to our heroic sons.