Friday, September 2, 2011

The End of Rving In Mexico?

An interesting article appeared on the yesterday regarding rv parks in Mazatlan.  It appears that reservations this year have not even hit the 10% mark.  Read here:

Violence Driving Away Tourists From RV Parks

As I posted there, if rvers stay away this year, rv parks in Mexico will die a very fast death.  Rving in Mexico as most rvers have known it will come to an end.  A few high-end parks in  Baja Norte will survive due to their proximity to the border.  Mexican rv park owners will sell out their, in most cases, highly sought after real estate for building condos, upper-class neighborhoods and malls.

There is no guarantee of safety on Mexican highways anymore than there is on U.S. or Canadian highways.  Car jackings and auto theft in the U.S. have reached all time highs but have we heard of it happening to rvers?  Very unlikely as it is hard to do anything with an rv.  Imagine using a motorhome or a diesel pickup with a 40 ft fifth wheel attached as a get-a-way vehicle?  With many rvers using their rigs as a fulltime home, not to mention the investment, I would hope they have a gps system of some kind as rvs are stolen in the U.S.

This winter will spell the death knell for rving in Mexico.  Keep in mind that rving in Mexico probably doesn't even register in terms of overall tourism and has always been a niche market here.  Very sad that most people are scared off by a casino extortion attempt gone wrong.  It was not a bombing.  Rv parks are safe places as they are businesses and there is safety in numbers.  Think about it.


  1. It is true that there will be change, but there will also still be RVs in Mexico. It may look different, it may be a set back in amenities but at some point it will change again. We can't change how things are, part of the problem will also be the economic crash in the US. The Canadians are doing fine still and they may return to Mexico as always. If they come, someone will see the benefit in providing services for them.

  2. The Canadians, well at least a great bunch of us, are coming. My personal opinion is that this winter may be quieter than before but I do believe that things are going to pick up RV wise. With all the new road construction it will make it much easier for RV travel, especially from the East side of Canada to the West side of Mexico.

  3. RV parks in Mexico will always be an iffy thing until the mexican middle class develops a taste for RVing where Mexican RV parks can operate year-round instead of just being seasonal parks.

    Don't know how it is now as we haven't been SOb for the last two winters. Had noticed an increase (very small) in Mexican RVers each year. Last Jazzfest in NOLA had a Mexican family with their trailer in the RV park. Don't know how you intice the Mexican to start RVing. Saw some trailers which were made in Mexico. Think that RV tourist money would be better spent in Mexico than the US, maybe.

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