Friday, September 16, 2011

Big Holiday Weekend

Last night was a complete success across the country as hundreds of thousands turned out for El Grito.   We opted to stay home and hang out by the pool but there were no fireworks in our town.  They have been prohibited but we thought for sure that they would give in for just night.   The noise creates havoc now and puts people in a panic mode.

Reports today that the highways were packed yesterday after classes were out and the international bridges were clogged the last 24 hours as people went shopping in Laredo, San Antonio, and the RVG.  City parks, our lake and state parks are packed too as people take to the great outdoors for a three day weekend. 

The heat persists and just won't let up.  I received a photolog from a friend in Texas that was created by the Texas Parks and Wildlife showing the devastation of the drought.  They are concerned now about the coming rains this weekend that could produce severe and dangerous flash flooding.  Haven't we suffered enough?

Today we hung around the house.  I was up by 5:30 but took a couple of cat naps throughout the day.   We had a great breakfast with bacon which we haven't had but twice this year.  Man it smelled so good!  

It's 7:30 now and I just got cooled off in the pool, turned on the a/c in the bedroom and we are watching local news.  I poured a couple of drinks and we will see what take place around here tonight.  The neighbors are having a carne asada.  Tomorrow night is our monthly family party so we will be in town for that. 

The architect came last night too to make the agreement for  repairs and we can get living room and kitchen remodeled.  Can't wait, it will be a big change.   We have the same furniture we bought 17 years ago.   Time for an update. 

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