Thursday, September 8, 2011

Getting Ready For The Change

It is finally happening and I have waited all summer.   The cool weather is setting in.  We are still in the 30C range during the day and 22C at night but it is a big change from 27 at night.  The nights bring cool air and no need for a/c.   Good for the electric bill.  The pool has calmed down and the water is excellent.  I'm sure while we were gone, like every year, it was too hot to enjoy.  I had threatened in the past to buy two 100 kilo blocks of ice and throw them in the water.  We really enjoyed escaping the heat this summer and hope to do it again next year.

So now we are working on our travel plans for the rest of the year.  One thing we are waiting for, is to  see if Croft and Norma are heading south and where.  As I said the other day we will be heading to San Antonio for a week.  I hope to buy a home video system to monitor the house via internet.  Turns out, of course I can't prove it, but the person taking care of the house left the sprinklers on day and night, and overfilled the pool various times letting their grandkids come and play.  Apart from the legal issues, I don't like people doing these things and not telling us.  With cameras, I can monitor what is going on. 

Side tracked for a moment but back to travel plans.   Morelia is on and we will head there the end of October.  After that, it is off to the Big Tamal (Mexico City) for a month.  We are looking at some boondocking options as well as rv parks.  I found two in the Church book but neither have websites but lots of dollar signs.   Hmmm.....

Then we hope to hop into SMA where we will stay between the botanical gardens and the spa we visited.  I need to extract photos from a video we took and I have the owner's information and what they offer.  Sounds pretty good.   Then I hope we can visit Sal and Barb for a week before heading home.  2012 will be a lot of travel in the U.S.  We will return to Naples, Fl. again but by air.  Much cheaper and an easy trip.   Gasoline alone would run about 575 dollars one way when the air fare to Ft. Meyers is 250 dollars.  The condo down the street from my brother runs about 69 to 99 dollars per  night.  If we had three months to travel the south we would but Juan has his project plan and I am along for the ride and moral support.   I have my work but now it is mostly via internet.  Not sure how we will handle our three travel destinations in the U.S. just yet.

All of this sounds exciting and I can easily understand the full timer point of view.  Who wants to keep traveling back and forth when you keep going in circles.  Sounds logical to me.

As a side note, the GNP for this year will hit 4% and is estimated to drop to 3.5% for 2012.   I have a feeling that elections in both the U.S. and Mexico will affect that number.


  1. We will be heading down but we are no good at making/meeting schedules. Let us know what you find out about the Morilia parks, this might be a place we can meet. From there we can talk about maybe a visit to the DF with you. My feet are getting very itchy!

  2. We hope you come visit us for a week too! Glad your weather is better. Our nights are cooler too, but the days are absolutely georgous. Hasta la vista.