Friday, September 30, 2011

Home From San Antonio

Interesting week in San Antonio.  The heat finally subsided.  We slept last night without the a/c, it was wonderful.  That darn air conditioner makes so much noise it drives me nuts. 

We had dinner with Bill and Mo, they post here frequently.  They were staying at a FAM camp at Fort Sam.   We went there last night, made it past the front gates and on the rv park.  We had some mean mango margs for starters and Mo made some wonderful seafood crepes to die for.   After dinner, as if we hadn't eaten enough, Bill hit the kitchen and created some wonderful bananas foster.  I first met Bill and Mo here in Santiago they are good friends with a local dentist.  We met up at the  club Bajia Escondida in 2009.  They have been fulltiming for 19 years.   Juan was a Fulbright in Ohio at the time.   We talked up a storm and after leaving regretted we couldn't stay longer.   Juan has a meeting tomorrow and on Sunday a quinceñero.

We had an excellent trip home.  Fed up with paying 389 pesos for the toll road we took the libre home today.  I highly recommend it.  Completely repaved from where the autopista begins until it reaches the other end at the "municipal" airport in Monterrey.  The scenery is much nicer and although it is only two lanes, it has a shoulder on each side.  We will always use this road to Laredo.

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  1. We noticed the new paved road as well and thought that maybe we should have taken it instead. Next time!

    Glad you had a great time in San Antonio.

    Kevin and Ruth