Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our Summer Trip Expenses


My account is hitting me over the head to get my expenses in for the months of July and August. Here we have to file via internet every 30 days and then once annually. I tallied our expenses as we asked for a ticket or receipt for everything and when it wasn't available we wrote it down. Alcohol is in with groceries as we purchased our booze at the supermarket. We ate out a lot as food was so cheap for us in Valle de Juarez it wasn't worth the LP we would have spent plus we enjoyed the locals and their fantastic food. Also, we exchanged rv park expense for workcamping although had we not, Hacienda Contreras is so  reasonable that the two months still would have come out great. Check for yourselves:

Gasoline      Tolls      Groceries      Dining       RvParks      Total
    6549         1703          4322           2187           1370         16131

That comes to $ 672 per month.   Adding in the rv park had we paid, that would be an additional $ 232 per month would have come to $900 dollars per month.  Rving in Mexico is cheap.   Looking back, we would change a couple of things.  One would be to eat out less and cook more at home like we do here in Monterrey, and the other would be not to use toll roads.  It wasn't our intention to spend less, in fact we spent pretty much whatever we wanted. 

I know that being in one place saved us a lot on fuel, but overall it was cheap.  Who says rving in Mexico isn't cheap.  One thing is that in the numbers above doesnh't include our vehicle insurance and our fixed costs at home which come to about 7000 pesos per month, of which we could eliminate 80% if we were fulltimers.

I can imagine rving in Baja North and South, it is a virtual boondocking paradise and you are surrounded by beaches and beautiful scenery.


  1. I would not say that RVing in Mexico is cheap. It can be but it depends on where you chose to stay and the expenses thus incurred. I think you did great. Personally I would not give up eating out when the prices are so reasonable.. After all you are on hoiiday!

  2. Like Contessa says, it all depends where you stay! There is an RV park in Monterrey that charges over $40 per night! That is until Chris paid the office a visit on our behalf!

    Chris is a boondocker but that involves a little more Spanish skills than we have so our boondocking is limited to a few nights in Walmarts and Pemex stations. RV parks range anywhere from $15 to $30 per night. Gas is much cheaper than in Canada and a little cheaper than in the USA. Road tolls however take away this savings. We do not use toll roads exclusively but we do use them on occasion. Your toll bill can easily equal your gas bill.

    Still, it is a beautiful country and I would choose RVing here over anywhere else in North America!