Friday, September 9, 2011

Now That Was Stinky!

Since we came back from our summer trip, I have kept the refrigerator on in the rv.  We still had some things in there, mostly condiments and as we needed them we would go out to the trailer to retrieve them.  Well, luck would have it.  Sunday the electricity went off, remember that the modem was damaged.  I never gave the rv a thought.

It appears that after the lights came back on, the refrigerator didn't reset itself.  Three days went by and I went out to the trailer.  OMG!  I realized what had happened but I couldn't figure out why it was so foul.  I thought someone had stuffed a dead body in there (and that's no joke).

I turned the refrigerator back on and decided to wait a day to let it really chill out, it would be easier to deal with the mess.  Today I went out to tackle the job and that is when the culprit was discovered.  It goes back two months when we were in Valle de Juarez.  Dave and Val had given us some really good giant shrimp they had brought with them from the coast.   We saved them for a special occasion and that was when we arrived to Guadalajara.  Juan prepared an excellent pasta and shrimp dish.   After, we put all the shrimp shells in a baggie and put it in the freezer until a time when we could put it in a secure trash location.  I think we waited to long. 

Everything, including the plastic was permeated with the odor.   So bad, that I sprayed down the inside with vinegar and used baking soda and vinegar to clean all the plastic pieces and ice cube trays.  A bottle of Sky juice was in the freezer.  I had to salvage that so I washed off the bottle but it still reeked.  Even the little import label on the bottle was fouled up.  Yuck!  What a mess! 

Kind of reminds me of the Austin Power's scene where he is after Fat Bastard and hiding in the laundry basket in the sumo wrestlers dressing room.  P.U.


  1. back when I worked for a living we had a mountaintop microwave communications site. We had a freezer full of food in it for when we stayed over. Some contractor had unplugged the freezer to use the outlet and did not plug it back in. We went back to the site after a couple of weeks and just like you, what a stink! We dragged the freezer out with a rope and pushed it over a cliff! You can't do that!

  2. Chris if it still smells I can give you some suggestion to remove the smell that the plastic refrigerator absorbs.
    It happened to us with my old RV.

  3. Thanks John, that would be appreciated. I still have it open and airing out but I'm sure it is still in the plastic and hidden nooks and crannies.

  4. What we did and it worked great was to get some charcoal briquets and put them in a coffee can in the frig., closed the door. They absorb the odor.
    The next day we took the smelly briquets out and ignited them so all were burning and ash covered. Put out the fire by smothering it and put them in refer again. After repeating this for a few days the odor was gone from the refer.
    Of course you could just use new briquets each time but after they burnt they seemed to even work better.