Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Telmex Rides Again!

Sunday afternoon the power went out for a quick second.  It came back on and all seemed fine.  I went to check my email and there was no connection.  I went into the other bedroom to check the modem and router only to find no lights on the modem.  I unplugged it, reset it, and still nothing. 

Yesterday I called the service number from the phone book.  It took all of five minutes to make the report and verify the modem was dead.  He said the report takes 24 hours, to call back in the morning and request the repair order.  I called this morning and they had my original report on file.  They verified the information and gave me the work order number. 

I went to the nearest Telmex office where, in less than two minutes, I had a new modem in my hand.  We were up and running again.  They said I could also wait for the delivery from a repair person but it would take up to 72 hours.   Now this is great service and it's cheap.  Land line, high-speed internet, answering machine, 100 minutes of national long distance all for 32 dollars a month including tax.  Thank you Carlos Slim for buying the monopoly.  No one could have made life better for 112 million Mexicans.

We are now planning a week long trip to San Antonio where we will meet up with Kevin and Ruth and cross the border back home with them spending the night in Potrero Chico, N.L.  We will also meet up with Bill and Mo during our time in SAT.  Can't wait!

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