Monday, September 19, 2011

Guess Who Came To Mexico

I've been waiting for a long time and every time I check their website they say their service is not available in Mexico.  Netflix has fixed that now and we can download or stream movies.  Our first last night was a real doozie.   The Lost Room.  Fantastic, reminds of "The Cube" in a sense.

So it looks like we will now drop our cable service as it has been nothing but a disappointment.  I like movies with subtitles, but not dubbed in any language.  I would rather read subtitles in English or Spanish and listen to the original language be it Japanese or French, you lose so much in the translation not to mention the feeling and emotion of the flick.

Plus, our cable company dropped ANE, American Network, which handled our news from the U.S.  It was owned by Televisa and for some reason they created a new station for teens in Mexico and dropped all our news.  We only watched the CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes, Face The Nation to name a few.  Oh well, things change and if we drop the cable we will save 400 pesos a month taking into account the 99 peso charge from Netflix.


  1. We never even bothered with cable here in Vienna, since both the Austrian and German channels dub EVERYTHING. Plus there's that nasty TV tax of almost €300 a year.
    It was much better in the Netherlands, since the Dutch figure that "dubbing is for kids" which means that they'll dub the stuff during the day, but after about six p.m. it's all in the original with Dutch subtitles. They won't even bother dubbing an interview with an English speaking person, since they know everyone can understand the English.
    Not the Austrians and Germans, they've been so pampered and out of the English loop that they're really disadvantaged that way. So yes, I hate stuff that's dubbed. (I guess that should have been the short version!)

  2. I'm with you Bob, not to be a cultural snob, but dubbing is just not for me. I speak Spanish but I would rather hear the original.

    Because of my years here, I now read subtitles in Spanish even when the movie is in English. :)

  3. Well at least you can still see your CBS news info on the internet...we love the CBS Sunday Morning Show - lots of interesting human interest stories...