Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Think My Camera Is Broken

I went out this morning to clean the tile around the top of the pool.  I had let some of the water out and that exposed the tile as well as the first step.  I found this litter critter sitting there waiting for someone to get him out of the pool.  He was friendly, and had done his business off the edge of the step and into the water keeping his place clean.  If only humans could do the same.

Since we started on our way home from SMA, we had had problems with the camera.  On video, it works fine and most of the pictures I have posted recently have been taken off of video.  I have reset the camera, reformatted, and still the pictures come out like the one above.  Could myCanon S5IS camera be broken or is it a matter of operator error?

The attack on the casino has turned into a major scandal and one that continues to unweave itself as we speak.  They are kicking butt and killing or capturing so many bad guys it is historical.  There are more military, federal and state police roaming the streets of the Monterrey metro area.  I am hoping that all of this has reached its peak and we will be on the road to recovery.  Many towns in the neighboring state of Tamaulipas have been returned to their citizens and in very good  condition, painted, cleaned up with houses, businesses, parks, plazas and streets being repaired.  We are seeing some good news now for a change.

I did some things to the rv today that had been put off since we got home. I had worked all week and was pretty pooped.  This weekend it is time to relax and enjoy the pool.

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