Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some Very Rare Scotch - Santa Vaca!

On our way to Laredo we stopped and spent the night outside of town in Potrero Chico with Kevin and Ruth.  We whipped right through Monterrey and took the road to Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon.   We pulled down the road to the campground, and the entrance was blocked.  Wow, with all that had happened this year did Homero close his place up?  We got out and walked down the road to the gate and looked around.  Up by the house on the property we could see Sherman, their motorhome.   We walked in and Kevin was sitting outside in the shade sipping on a beer.  He fit back into Mexico fast.

We said our hellos and he showed us the new entrance.   We setup and spent a great evening with rib eyes on the grill and a long night conversation under the stars with a spectacular view of the mountains.  It was really a setting for the beginning of a great trip for Kevin and Ruth.   After dinner Kevin pulled out a bottle of very rare scotch that he was willing to share with us.   Holy  cow was that good.   The next day I woke up waiting to recover my eye sight and knocked on their door to thank him for a "very rare headache".  Well worth it though.   We had a great  time, got up early the next day and hit the road for the border.   There were some climbers at the campground too, two French, a German and a Mexican.  No this isn't the beginning to a joke :).   They came over to see the rv and we had an hour long chat.  

Once on the road, it was uneventful but great scenery as we came across the mountains into the valley between Monterrey and Laredo.   You can see for kilometers.   We arrived to Nuevo Laredo and went through a checkpoint at km26.  Two soldiers wanted to inspect the trailer and we happily let them in.  They were real talkers and wouldn't let me go.   They loved the rv and the fact that we were on the road.  One said that it was what his dream was, to travel.   We said our goodbyes and I told them how much they are appreciated by everyone and especially rvers. 

Next stop was filling up the tank and getting in line for the bridge.  At least that is what we thought.  Got to the bridge and soldiers pulled us over again.   Another inspection and off we went.  But wait, hey, no line.   We got to the bridge just before school got out.  That was cool.   We were x-rayed, inspected, questioned, diaper checked and so on and they let us go.   We had to pay an outrageous $3.48 liquor tax on a bottle of tequila.  Not happy about that.   The heat was searing, 107F in Laredo.   We high-tailed for San Antonio and made it into town just around rush hour.  

First time we pulled this rv into the driveway here, I did it on the first try although traffic was stacking up.  Some guys drove by as I was getting the SUV into the driveway with a thumbs up and said, "good job dude".    BTW, our new gate turned out beautifully although we had wanted to leave three days earlier.  

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  1. I think you got stopped and checked a second time cuz they wanted to see inside the RV. We have discovered that they love to come and just get a feel for it all.

    Glad you had such a special time with Kevin & Ruth.