Friday, September 23, 2011

Where The Rubber Meets The Road

The work on widening the front gate is done, the new gates will be installed tomorrow.  We will be heading out for Potrero Chico to meet up with Kevin and Ruth.   After that we head out for McAllen and then a stop in Refugio, Tx to meet up with some friends we met years ago.  They are private pilots and live in a community with an airstrip.   After many years in south Texas they will be moving to Oregon.  They flew to Monterrey a couple of times and stayed with us.  After that, off to San Antonio for a week to check on the house, visit with Bill and Mo (bilmo) and catch up with neighbors.   We can only be gone a week as we have a quinceñero, yes, spelled correctly, for a boy not a girl.  Times they are a changin'.

A bit of a discussion going on whether to rv in Mexico or not.  As I stated on the rv forum, stop sweating the small stuff, load up the rv and get your butts down here.   All the what ifs in the world won't change things.  

The biggest problem an rver can encounter is paying a bribe to a cop and for me that is a moral issue.  We don't pay jack but we are from here and speak Spanish.  Other than that, there is no proof that an rver is a target and the areas that the crimes occur in are inner city, not rv places or highways.   Bandits can't escape with an rv, much less know how to drive one at high speeds.  Out of 2500 municipalities, only 80 have seen any bad boy activity.  That's .032% of all the country.   So much to see.  

In our case, we live here and no matter what we have to still drive through Mexico to get somewhere else.   So much debate over how the new permit system and visas work.  Just hop in the damn rv and come down here.  Show me where an rv has been confiscated if the permits were current and the owners had insurance.   So what if the new system charges you a couple hundred bucks for the permit, you get the money back anyway. 

How many testimonials of safe travel does one need?  How many cars cross the U.S./Mexico border everyday and are issued permits and make it to there destination safely?  I'd be more worried about hitting a cow or a donkey on the road.

Don't sweat the small stuff!


  1. Yup, life is too short. If you're going to spend your days pulling tomorrow's clouds over today's sunshine, then that's your business. Not us!

  2. We missed going last year but sure looking forward to the end of November when head south

  3. We are back this winter as well. Took one year off to see the gulf Coast but it was COLD! I can still see Juan shivering under his two layers of blankets in Galvaston!!

    See you in Me-hee-ko!

  4. Chris, sure hope we finally get to cross paths with you and Juan this year. It seems we are of but a few who have not met you two as yet. Sure appreciate all the good information you share with us!