Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not All Ex-Pats Are Doofus'

I know I'll get ragged on for this one but some of it is so funny I just can't resist.  I have been observing various groups, blogs and news items over the last few months dealing with ex-pats.   We all know the expression "when in Rome" and it can be a tough act to follow especially when you are a person of mature means.   The expression "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" also comes into play unless of course you believe in the Ghost Whisperer, then you can discount it.

It's probably easier to just make a list:

  • A warning went out this week to gringos who may be walking through a particular park.  A woman was attacked by a sheep.   She was saved by five kids who happened to be nearby.  She ended up pretty bruised but no major injuries.  Now isn't that the strangest thing.  I couldn't find anything on the web about sheep attacks.
  • A major supermarket chain was being trashed by local ex-pats because some bank ATMs had been compromised and some cards corrupted.   The blame was being put on the store when in reality it was the banks' responsibility but the store requested they be installed at customers' request.
  • A major restaurant that delivers fresh fish was publicly lashed for not making one delivery on time yet all the other customers thought it was better than buttered bread.
  • Someone had the bright idea to see if the United States department of the FDA could come to Mexico as they thought they could do a better job than SAGARPA.  Isn't that a gas.   Some also complained because they didn't carry English muffins.  Imagine me in Milwaukee demanding patas de pollo en escabeche and sending a letter to the local Kroger store reprimending them for not stocking them and threatening to take my business elsewhere.  Incredible.
  • Now the a local cable service has stopped carrying a PBS station, people are wanting to boycott the company threatening that they will cancel and go to another cable supplier if they don't bring said station back.
These are true facts, however, they are meant for the fun of it.   Americans/Canadians are a special breed.  We need to remember  though whose turf we are on and accept certain things here in Mexico.  If we change things to fit our culture we won't be living in Mexico any longer.   I have heard many people say, "well afterall, they need us", wrong baby, we need them!


  1. I hate that 'they need us' comment, it's used in situations that are patently ridiculous if they thought about it. I occasionally read expat forums but mostly they make me nuts, I try to think about them with compassion but there are so many with ridiculous statements, beliefs that are just false and plain old bad information.

  2. The one thing that drives me crazy is when people expect to pay for things in U.S. dollars. Or worse yet is when someone wants to charge me, or quotes me a price in U.S. dollars while I'm in Mexico. baracyco

  3. We would just cringe when we were in Puerto Rico (and yes, it's a part of the US, I realise that) and our American friends (well, more like my wife's associates) would start saying disparaging things about the food, the people...whatever. And this is while seated in a Puerto Rican restaurant. Gah! You're a guest! Shut the f*ck up!
    Of course, couldn't actually say that, but we just chose to not "hang out" with them any more. Kind of unfortunate.
    We don't encounter too much of that in Europe. The Americans are quite well ensconced in the minority when it comes to tourists or Ex-pats. Thankfully.

  4. You're right about Europeans and I have to say that Canadians are on the top of the list too. Of course, sometime when we're together I need to get the take on what it is like to be a Canadian and a northern neighbor.

    And of course, as I said in my post this is a generalization as we have some wonderful American friends who rv and travel all around the world. Those that are traveled seem to be the best visitors. Only logical I guess.

  5. You're saying that Canadians AREN'T guilty of this? I haven't found that. There is a huge colony of Canadians out on the Gulf beaches here and it is their forum where I find most of the ridiculous statements. I don't think they get a pass on this. Europeans? Well, they grow up in such close proximity to other countries that I think they have an established way of interacting that is more respectful, they don't always keep up that front in private however.

  6. Jonna, I don't live near any American or Canadian colonies and I have no ex-pat friends here in Monterrey for obvious reasons.

    My comment was general based on the rvers who have passed through our lives over the last 12 years.